6 Ways to Fight Corona As Your Business Reopens

Although the world is now off of quarantine, we’re still at risk of Covid-19, the virus that recently created a national pandemic. Business closed and lives stopped as thousands of people battle the virus that has just developed and remains without a treatment. We’re slowly getting back into the grind of things but life as we know it has forever changed. You should be concerned about this virus and many others, more so now than ever.  We all must work together to stay healthy. The following six tips help fight the spread of Covid-19 as you reopen your business.

1.    Maintain Social Distancing: The CDC recommends maintaining a 6-ft. Social distance from other people. This is not always possible, however, it can limit exposure to people.

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2.    Wear a Face Mask: A face mask can prevent the spread of germs and, in this case, corona virus. You should wear a face mask each day that you go into work to protect yourself.

3.    Hire Professional Cleaners: A professional cleaning company provides the extra comfort and clean that you need to succeed after the pandemic. You’ll feel confident with business cleaning new orleans professionals near.

4.    Proper Hygiene: Wash your hands often. You should rub your hands together for at least 20 seconds to remove germs and bacteria from the hands. Be sure to apply hand sanitizer as a backup and when you cannot wash your hands.

5.    Hands-Off Protocol: Now is a great time to learn and utilize the hands-off protocol that reduces transmission of viruses by reducing contact from one person to another. Bump elbows rather than shake hands, for example.

6.    Customer Safety: Place signs outside of your business advising anyone with Covid-19 symptoms to leave to help prevent the spread of illness. You may also want to take the temperature of employees before they clock in to work their shifts as an added means of protection.